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countertop clearance

Cabinet Countertop Clearance to be Mindful of When Considering Wall Cabinets

How does one determine what wall cabinet height to choose from? One would typically assume that with an 8’ ceiling, they can fit 42” wall cabinets. There are two distinct factors that help one determine...
cabinet accesories

Cabinet Accessories to Complete Your Kitchen

Cabinet accessories are the additions needed to cover exposed sides of a cabinet and add the finishing touches for the kitchen.

Will gaming kitchen design be next trend?

Transform and level up your home with a gaming kitchen. Upgrade with smart kitchen technology to come up on top other kitchen trends.
colored shaker cabinets

How to Style Your Colored Shaker Cabinets in your Kitchen

Colored shaker cabinets can give homeowners a new look to their kitchen. Most people will typically have white, grey, black, or wood stained shaker cabinets. Want to give your kitchen a refresh? Instead of...

Forecasted Declining Trends for Kitchen Design Ideas

Many people watch out for forecasted declining trends when designing a brand new kitchen in the home. In the past years, everyone is quick to predict new trends, capitalizing on the energy for the...