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10 x 10 kitchen estimate may give customers false information

Every cabinet store has a 10 x 10 estimate. Whether it's in person or online, they will list a price that shows an “average cost” of a kitchen measuring 10’ x 10’. Most customers...

Are shaker cabinet glass doors a good investment or cleaning problem?

Glass doors in kitchens have become much less popular as an option in modern days. There are still many customers and homeowners who prefer and want to have a certain amount of glass doors...

Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas to Maximize Corner Space

Customers and remodelers will hear blind corner cabinets pop up during the kitchen design, but not always know what this cabinet is. Not all kitchens are designed as a straightaway in a galley style....

How to Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets with a Cost-Saving Design Guide

Saving money on kitchen cabinet remodeling can be very difficult. Everything you want in your dream kitchen could drive the cost of the kitchen higher than the anticipated budget. Average kitchens can range from...

Blast From the Past: Rustic-Style Kitchen

Rustic-style kitchen design is often used as a general term to describe a certain style, but there are several components that need to be in place for a room to qualify as this type...