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The worst bathroom designs on the internet

While poorly designed rooms in a house are inconvenient, bad bathroom designs can make a home unlivable. Sometimes we get caught up in making our bathrooms look beautiful that we forget they are...

Vanity Countertop Different Options

Countertop is an essential surface in your kitchens and bathroom vanity. Unlike table surfaces or other tops, counters are built to deal with moisture and messes, so these are easier to clean. We might...

Bathroom Vanity – Which option to choose?

The bathroom is the most personal room in the house where you do your “personal business.” The bathroom vanity is the most common remodel for the bathroom. This room handles your needs whether it’s...

Iron Chef Kitchen: Recreating Famous Kitchens

Iron Chef is a phenomenon that started in Japan in 1993 and they introduced the kitchen stadium. The kitchen original became a worldwide sensation. Taking the formula from Japan, Iron Chef America arrived in...

Top 8 Unique Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

Are you looking for an interesting focal point for your kitchen? The backsplash is unique and often neglected part of the kitchen, serving as background for most places. Many people just have a 6"...