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Kitchen Trends Fading Away

People love having a dream kitchen and many home interior magazines and show present what these kitchen trends should look like. You will see designs that include pots and pans on racks overhead and...

How Difficult Is It to Install White Kitchen Cabinets?

The difficulty level to remodel your kitchen and install white kitchen cabinets is directly related to your abilities to work with tools, follow instructions, and allow ample time to complete the project. Far too...

Use Pinterest kitchen ideas to help your remodel

Pinterest is an amalgamation of beautiful pictures and inspirational ideas, even for your kitchen. People use Pinterest for everything from artistic impressions to collecting pictures of their favorite superhero. However, one of the biggest...

Light and Airy: The Beach Style Kitchen

A beach-inspired kitchen can project a relaxed and refined style, even if it is not actually located at the beach. Some beach house homeowners prefer that their kitchens match the outdoor surroundings. However, beach...

Shipping damage kitchen cabinets and how to fix this

Cabinet shipping damage can be one of the most infuriating parts of the remodel. After waiting the time for the cabinets to ship only to receive damaged cabinets. Unlike Amazon orders, kitchen cabinets are...